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From 45th Reunion

Sharry’s memories:

I guess my first memory of Central was not being able to go our sophomore year.  When I finally went the next year, on the first day all I could do was stand on the sidewalk in front of it and admire how majestic and huge it looked.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to get to all my classes on time.  There were so many people!
I remember going out for cheerleading and how crazy that was!  I can’t even remember who all was in our group, but we were all very scared.  Everything went all right.  I remember the coaches standing at the bottom of the stage telling me to smile and I looked up and smiled and there was Billy Clark as a judge smiling at me and that really made a big difference in calming me down.  Oops, I remember getting through the cheer and jumping up as high as I could, but I jumped right into the flagpole and after I got untangled from that we all went and sat down.  We eagerly waited for the results for cheerleader, reserve cheerleader and Hi-Stepper.
            Finally, I heard my name called so I jumped up and started to run to the stage when out of the corner of my eye I saw Shari Polk running down the other aisle.  The minute I got on stage I realized I didn’t want to be there, because they had called Shari Polk’s name.
Immediately, I crept to the back of the crowd and asked one of the judges if my name happened to be on that list.  She looked and said it was for Hi-Stepper.  Well, how do I respond already being up there?  I can’t remember anything that happened after that, only that I was so happy I guess I didn’t care if I looked like a fool. Anything that happened after that, only that I was so happy I guess I didn’t care if I looked like a fool.
            Other memories in a nutshell are Lake Nixon, summer nights, pep rallies, marching band, and dances after the games and Mr. McDonald (art teacher) always wanting to know what we all had for breakfast.  We told him Shipley donuts and he said, “Oh, I just love Shipley donuts!  Going to the Memphis Art Academy was a great trip.
We would go to the sandbar on the river on Sundays and just hang out.  Seems like back then you could put a dollar of gas in the car and drive around all day!!  Those were the days!!


- Sharry Burt