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From 45th Reunion

Dear Classmates,
Forty-five years!!! Do you believe it?  I certainly don’t.
My family has been in Little Rock since the early 50’s and living somewhere else sounds very foreign to me.  With the exception of our 10th grade year, I have only known Little Rock as home.
It can’t be that hard to get back for a reunion.  We always have such a blast.  We also have fun just tryingt o plan what we’re going to do.  The “committee” has done a great job for everyone. During the meetings we have discussed WHY would classmates not want to come back for this event.  If you haven’t come, you are missing a good time, and an opportunity to act like a kid again, just for a weekend!
My oldest grandchild just entered UCA in Conway and helping him get ready and being on campus brought back a lot of memories of some special times we had as young adults getting ready for the rest of our lives.
My life is working, still.  I love it though.  Some of my tennis members are younger than my children and I still play and compete on a “senior” team in USA league.  I take care of my “grandchildren” and love that more than anything.  That’s what it’s all about.
I have been blessed with good health, a good husband and a wonderful family and a lot of friends, and I thank the lord everyday for those blessings.
I wish happiness to you all and look forward to #50 in the year 2011. 

- Sharon May Northern