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From 45th Reunion

Memories-Ronnie Henry

     After graduation in 1961, I attended the University of Arkansas for two years.  The University and I decided that college was not for me, so I left and joined the work force.  I worked for a Pontiac Dealership for 12 years as the office manager.  I then left and went to work for Farm Bureau Insurance Company.  I stayed there for 22 years.  During that time I married and had two children, both boys.
     My son Graham just turned 30 and sadly we lost our son Jason when he 14.  You can throw in a divorce and a second marriage also.  We also adopted a baby girl who is now 20.  At age 55 I took early retirement and moved to Wichita, KS.  This move was made so my wife could accept a job offer.  After moving to Wichita, I went to work for Bank of America and worked there for 8 years, mostly in the Mortgage Division.  After they moved this division to another state I found myself out of work at age 62.  I am now working for Tiger Financial Services.  It is my desire to get back to Arkansas to live.
     My fondest memories of Little Rock Central High is the fun I had in band and being a drummer for the Hi-Steppers along with my best friend, Buster Beardsley.  I was a member of the Stardust Club and once did a comedy routine in front of the entire student body.  Some of the things Buster and I did I cannot get into because I am not sure about the statute of limitations.  Because of the school closing in what would have been my 10th grad year I only attended Central for two years, but they were the best two years of my teen years.

- Ronnie Henry