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From 45th Reunion

Avery Sawyer Memories:

  1962 was a very memorable year.  It was the year I should have graduated from the best high school in America:  Little Rock, Central High.  Fate got in my way.  In October of 1960, I nearly died from the complications of a ruptured appendix.  Since I was unable to return to school until mid-term, I did not have enough credits to actually graduate in May.  I would have received a blank diploma and spent half of the next year in school anyway.  I chose instead to put in half days and graduated with the class of 1962.  Frankly, that hurt at lot.  I enjoyed both of my senior years, but my closest friends and greatest sense of belonging and loyalty has always been to the Class of 1961.  It is my fondest hope that you all will be generous enough to accept me as an honorary member of this class!

- Morgan Avery Sawyer