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mary ellen routh bowman

Mary Ellen Routh mary ellen routh
Mary Ellen and Gene



For the 50th Reunion

May 19, 2011

I can’t believe it’s been 50 years since graduating from LRCHS. Because I married two months after
graduation, Gene and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary as well, in July!! We plan to celebrate our anniversary by taking the whole family to our favorite beach in Florida.

While there we love to read, rest, go out to eat and shop ‘til we drop. Actually it’s just me, our daughter
Sheryl and grandchildren (Seth, 17 and Samantha, 13) that do the shopping. Gene and our son-in-law
Brian keep the umbrella and chairs occupied as they read the latest John Grisham novel, rest (A LOT)
and maybe even take in a little fishing. We don’t do much cooking on vacation or at home for that
matter! The big question each day while at the beach is “Where will we eat tonight? “ We love the

As to our reunion, I am looking forward to seeing everyone there and visiting with friends “from the
past”, not “old friends”. The reunion committee has had a great time planning and hearing from those
who have responded. Several people have helped with the “lost” list and the “in memory” list, for that
we are so grateful. We hope the directory will be useful to you in helping renew friendships. Hopefully,
it will also help us keep our records as accurate as possible. Remember, if you move think about us
when you send your address changes to others, or if you learn of someone who has moved let us know
or ask them to send us their new address.

Not a lot has changed for us since the last reunion, except our grandchildren have grown taller. Our 17
year old grandson, Seth, is 6’4 (Gene says he takes after him. ”ha”). Our 13 year old granddaughter is a
lot taller than me, but I’m still only 5’ so that’s not saying much. They keep us busy with tennis, as they
are both playing in tournaments. My grandson used to play baseball and everyone yelled for the team,
Samantha even made “noisemakers” to cheer her brother on. Tennis is very different on the other hand. As a spectator for that, we find it very stressful. We have to watch sitting on our hands and biting our tongues. We’re only allowed to speak a very mannerly “good job, or nice shot” to both players. But, as you know, it’s always fun to see your family having fun. They are such a blessing, as are our daughter, Sheryl and son-in-law, Brian.

Gene and I still work in our insurance agency. Our daughter Sheryl is working there with us now as well. Lately we’ve been helping a lot of our clients with their storm claims. With the recent floods we’ve
definitely sold more flood insurance! I certainly can’t forget about recent earthquake tremors in our
area. We’ve been busy adding that coverage to many of our clients’ homeowners’ policies as well.
Insurance has been very good to us. Coming from retail weren’t able to take off very often. Since joining Shelter Insurance Companies 22 years ago, we have earned 25 company trips and have been to parts of the world we never thought we’d see. God led us to Shelter after much prayer and for that we thank Him everyday!

I am certainly looking forward to seeing everyone. See you May 27th and 28th

Mary Ellen Routh Bowman