Jeanne Mitchell Lynn

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For the 50th Reunion

March 4, 2011

Hi Classmates,
I went to four high schools if you can include the 9th grade. We moved once. I was really excited to graduate from the school that my mom graduated from in 1928, the lst graduation class of Central High. She said there was a swimming pool under the auditorium, the most beautiful school. I had gone to Franklin Elementary for three years so I knew a lot of the kids but mainly ran around with my church friends and cousins. I loved the choir and got to play piano for most of the programs at school, even went to the Key Club room and practiced piano during study hall. I was one of five who fainted at the graduation in choir. We didn't know to drink water and were very hot. The prom was beautiful. My prom date even hocked his guitar to rent his tux and get the wrist corsage.

I met my husband, Vonzell, in college, playing for his voice lessons in California.....We have two married children and six grand children. I was and am a professional pianist, played for lots of HS musicals, dinner music, music director in Elementary school, and a private piano teacher. I have always been a church pianist. We reside in Colorado, have a log cabin which the front door looks out to Pikes Peak. We joke about Colorado and living here and always say, we are suffering for Jesus.......We are thankful..

Thank you for being my friends at Central High School.

Jeanne Mitchell Lynn