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From 45th Reunion

Harry’s memories:

Upon graduation from Central, I continued my involvement in the sport of rodeo fully intending to turn pro.  I participated primarily in three events—those being Bareback Bronc, Bull Riding and Steer Wrestling as well as Rodeo Clown and Bull Fighter and continued this venture until 1984.  In the spring of 1963, I met the love of my life at a rodeo.  Two weeks later we decided to be married, and two months later we had a church wedding at her hometown. 
I started college at ASU, then Arkansas State College, later we had a church wedding at her hometown.  I started college at ASU, then Arkansas State College, in the fall of 1964 and graduated in 1969 with a degree in Animal Science.  After a brief time in Agricultural Banking, we purchased the 220-acre farm where we currently reside raising cattle and poultry.  Shortly afterward, I took a position in my current field of veterinary sales where I presently travel an eight state area. 
Rita and I have traveled extensively because of my profession, having the opportunity to see much of Europe as well as China, Central America and many island countries.  Future plans are to retire at our current location and watch the grandchildren grow up.
I am especially proud of my two daughters. Tonya received a BS and MBA from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and Traci received a BA and MA from the University of Central Arkansas at Conway.
Both Rita and I are actively involved at First Baptist Church in Morrilton, AR where I serve as a deacon and teacher of Sanctuary Sunday School class.
One of my memories of Central is the spring of 1960 when seven of us loaded in my 1957 Mercury to travel to Blytheville to watch Central’s game in the state basketball tournament.  The six I remember going were Ross Honea, Mike Hales, Frankie Watson, Jerrell Holloway, Fred Stansberry and myself.  When we reached West Memphis, someone suggested we make a side trip to Memphis to see Graceland, as Elvis had not been back long from service in Germany.  As we headed south toward Graceland, we met Elvis and three of his friends heading toward Memphis in a white Cadillac convertible with Elvis driving.  I made a quick U-turn and we caught up at a red light about three cars behind Elvis.  Everyone but me jumped out the car and ran up to see Elvis.  The light changed and other cars began honking, so Elvis told them to go back to their car and he would pull off up the street.  My thought was he would be gone, but in about 300 yards he pulled off the side of the road with us right behind.  We all got out and visited for quite some time, and in fact, we finally told him we had to go or we would be late to the basketball game.  That was dumb.  We had purchased some Mississippi Crook rum cigars on our way that cost 5 cents each and Frankie gave Elvis one.  He insisted on giving Frankie a quarter for it, which he later sold to one of the girls at Central. We all got autographs, and the only thing I had was my ID card that we had to have to get into school that year.  He signed across the front of it and I still have it today.  We visited for quite some time, and as I said, we told him we had to go.  He was on his way to visit a 14-year-old boy in the hospital that was very sick.  By the way, we won the basketball game.

I hope the reunion is successful, and say hello to all my friends.

- Harry Caldwell