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Gary and Jimmie Lee Mobley
Gary and Jimmie Lee - 2011
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For the 50th Reunion

May 13, 2011

Hello Friends!
I have put this off far too long and I may be too late to have this put in the directory or on the website.  It looks like Gary and I will not be able to come to our 50th reunion.  It hurts me to say that because we have never missed one and everyone has been so much fun. Our friendships in the class have remained strong and I don’t know if it was the fact that many of us were separated from one another our 10th grade year or if the reunions every 5 years have kept us close.  Even the spouses of our classmates have been faithful to come and we look forward to seeing them, too.  We were thrilled to hear that Dick Holbert and Linda Haskett have married.  Gary and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary next year. 
I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease, amyloidosis, in January of 2010, and since then have taken chemo and other treatments.  We will be going to MD Anderson soon to see what treatment is next.  I was scheduled to have a stem cell transplant, but due to some complications and difficulty harvesting enough stem cells, I am no longer a candidate.  So we don’t know where we will be the reunion weekend, Houston or Denison. 
Gary continues to practice Orthodontics full time.  He is thinking about retirement sometime soon.  Someone said to me one time that I had lived a “charmed life”, but I prefer a very “blessed life”.  We have two wonderful sons, Allen and Taylor, two great daughters-in-law, and three granddaughters.   We have traveled all over the world and enjoyed many special trips with family and friends.  But the best blessing of all is the relationship we have with the Lord in the center of our lives.  He gives us strength and peace as we go through this health crisis. 
Have a wonderful reunion and even at the last minute we may show up!  Thank you, all of you, for your friendship and special memories of those great days at Little Rock Central and the reunions that ave kept us close. 

Love to all,

Jimmie Lee Sharp Mobley