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From 45th Reunion

Fran’s Memories:
I can hardly believe it has been 45 years since high school!  The best was our senior year’s great fall football games and some of the bus trips to out of town games.  I also remember the senior prom, but not like many do.  A big bunch of us girls had an all-night sleep over with no adults present.  We really felt “grown-up”!  Another big day was the day the seniors went out to War Memorial and had a picnic and relays and games.  I remember in the tow sack race being out in front-until I took a spill and lost.  The saddest thing I remember is losing my senior year annual.
Since I left high school, my life has been very full!  I attended the University of Arkansas and earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  My husband, Garry and I both became teachers in the Springdale School System.  I went on to complete my master’s degree at the U of A in elementary education while I was teaching.
We have two sons, James and John.  John married two years ago; James is still enjoying the single life.  We also have two “babies” at home, our Brussels Griffons, Rusty and McGee, who keep us entertained with their antics.  McGee has been shown and has even won a few ribbons.
Garry retired 5 years ago, and I retired last May after 36 years at Jones Elementary School in Springdale.  We are very involved at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.  We both sing in the choir and are involved with various groups within the church.  I spent my first year of retirement volunteering two mornings a week in two classrooms at my former school and joining an exercise class.  How much fun they both are!  We moved into a new home after living in the same house for thirty-five years!  So, we are having fun decorating the house and yard too
Our greatest news is that John and his wife are expecting our first grandchild in December.  We are all awaiting that event with pride and excitement!

-Fran Roberts