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For the 50th Reunion

December 29 , 2010

Dear Fellow Tigers,
It does not seem possible that it has been 50 years since we graduated from high school, at least until you look in the mirror, then reality sets it.
After 16 years in Wisconsin my wife and I moved back to Bedford, Texas in late 2009.  Bedford is half way between Dallas and Ft. Worth.  We decided we
had rather sweat it off in Texas instead of freeze it off in WI.  We had 10 feet of snow that last full winter we lived in WI.

Since moving back we have kept busy by volunteering. My favorite is working in one of the information booths at DFW Airport.  It may be the only job where you can tell hundreds of people where to go and they thank you for it.  In addition we both volunteer at our church and at a local hospital.
I have also done some work with Special Olympics.
When you are retired and have extra time on your hands you do things that you would not do normally.  Therefore, when I saw a story in the AARP Magazine on a national recipe contest I sent one of mine in… and won.   At least I won 1/12 of first place.  The top twelve have their picture and
recipe featured in the 2011 Texas AARP calendar.  So say “hello” to Mr. September.


My wife, Kay (Mary Kay Fultz) and I will celebrate 39 years of marriage January of 2011. We have two daughters, one is a medical software trainer in
St. Louis and the other is in public relations with the wellness division of a national insurance company.
There are several from our graduating class that keep up through and e-mail joke group.  We exchange jokes on an on-going basis and even though
we may rarely see each other we still feel as if we are connected.
I was saddened to see the listing on the web how many of our classmates have passed away.  Time does march on.
I am certainly looking forward to the 50th.

Dick Kinney
Bedford, TX