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bobby meux

Bobby Joe Meux

bobby meux
Bobby and his Mom - 2009

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For the 50th Reunion

April 30, 2011

Dear Fellow Tigers,
After graduation David Mosley and I joined the USAF on the buddy system. 2 months later he went to Germany and I went to Loring AF base in Maine. After 4 yrs I was discharged and worked for the LR fire dept. for 30 years, Opened a clothing store, moved to Hot Springs, opened another store, a pawn shop for 6 years, and a MH park for 8 years. Sold that and retired in 09. Presently living on lake Hamilton with my wife, Kyong, (from S.Korea). Picture is her with 1 grand daughter and boss is on the couch. Other pic is with my mom. We enjoy reading, boating, gardening, cooking out, friends from our church at Trinity and p/t volunteer for GCjailmin. I have a brother, Larry, who lives in NLR and a sister, Patsy, living in Conway. Favorite books, other than the bible, "Within Heavens Gates" by Rebeca Springer."( p22 wow ) "Final Quest" by Rick Joiner. Favorite speakers and writers, Joseph Prince, Andrew Womack, and Robert Morris, to name a few. Advice to guys: give women drivers on cell phones a  w-i-d-e  berth. To anyone with Alzheimer's , don't go skydiving. Presently on a special diet. T-Bone, Sirloin, and chocolate. Would like to hear from some of my old friends. E-mail address:  [email protected].

May God Bless Yall !  Bobby


Pic of Bobby's wife Kyong and his Granddaughter